Sunday, August 16, 2009


It was to be an outdoor wedding, months in the planning with the location being
at the house where Megan grew up. Our hearts sank as a cliff sized storm of thick gray clouds
paced with us as we drove into Youngstown. It was looking to arrive just in time for the ceremony. We said a prayer
and believed for the best and arrived to a blissful & calm Megan with not a word said of the impending thunder storm. We followed her lead and began to capture the moments as she and Peter embraced them.
Peace flowed and the storm, well, took a detour. The beauty and connection of Megan with Peter
brought tears to the eyes of all, including me. I witnessed, first hand, the wonder of the promise that becomes
a lifetime of marriage. God bless you both, we will always be grateful for you in our lives.



Peter DeWitt said...

Just right, Chris. Just right. Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job capturing not only the day but also what was behind it. We appreciate you and Tricia so much and love the work that you do.

Chris Keels said...

thank you Peter, I look forward to see your lives together unfold

lady lee said...

yeah, that's it.